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Ever wonder if your money works as hard as you do?
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By saving a little when you're young, you can have much more comfortable mid-life and retirement phases.  If you haven't saved, what are your options?

Planning for your life.
Mindful Money Management

Demeter Financial Services is a full-service agency located in Central Pennsylvania that specializes in Investments, Business and Retirement Planning Services.


Through using a Mindful Money Management approach, we help you align your spending and investing with your values.

Most people go from saving for retirement to spending in retirement. What steps can you take to make it a smooth transition?


As we discuss your goals and what you see retirement being for you, we will formulate a plan to address:

- Health costs in retirement

- What you can expect from your accounts

- Planning for "surprises," both bad and good

- Pension and/or Social Security strategies


Business Services


People and Property are two of your largest expenses in running a business.   Benefits impact recruiting and retaining employees.   And how do you protect the business if you are away for an extended time?  


Individual Services


Looking at short range plans, mid-range plans and long-term goals can offer some confidence.  Saving early makes saving later much easier, and what can you do if that wasn't possible?  What can you put in place today to protect tomorrow?


Medicare Planning


Going from an employer plan or even from an individual plan to a Medicare Supplement and Part D Plan or to a Medicare Advantage plan can be confusing and frustrating.  Let us help you understand the ins and out of this important decision.

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