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The two most expensive things you have are property and people. And property may become less of an issue these days as people work from home… so, how do you recruit and retain employees (especially if you don’t see them everyday? Benefits such as group health and retirement plans are a consideration. How do you provide those when the costs can be so high? We can discuss a variety of plans and carriers for the health benefits – or even if you should offer that benefit.

Retirement plans can be so simple – there are ones other than 401k types that a solo entrepreneur can open or a Simple IRA that has higher limits than an individual IRA and limits the owner’s liability in regard to the plan. A discussion of what is the goal of the plan helps determine what is best for your company vs a cookie-cutter solution.

What are the 10 top non-legal things you should consider in planning for your business? Let’s talk.


Group Benefits


Should you be providing health insurance? What's the right plan for a company of your size? Can you provide dental and vision at affordable rates?


Continuation Planning


Keeping your company going if you are disabled or a key employee passes requires some planning. Many companies prepare for this, however, they don't fund the plans. We can look for options that will help keep your company going in the event you or a key person becomes unavailable.


Retirement Plans


Should you go with a SEP, Simple or 401K? What are the costs for each of those. Many companies default to 401K because it's the term they know. We walk you through the fiduciary concerns, the costs and the benefits before you commit hard dollars.

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