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Helping you grow your money and then helping you through retirement.

Individual Planning

Do you want to tell your money what to do or wonder where it went? Most people loosely plan their finances and only think in the near term, retirement is forever away. We’ll talk about now, soon and later. What strategies are going to help you be where you want to be moving forward?

We’ll start out by determining what Money Type you are. Are you a Frugal Fran or a Spendthrift Sam?



  • What do you want to change about your money situation or do you even need to?

  • What are your goals for

    • Near future (now)

    • Soon (five to 10 years)

    • Later (11+ years)

  • What is your net worth?

  • Is your family set up in case something happens to you?

  • Can we work together?


Financial Health


Becoming financially healthy means that you have a plan and are working towards your goal. Your goal may be an easy retirement, travel or just financial security. Together, we will work to set and accomplish your goals.


Protection Planning


If something happens to you, does your family have to move? Planning can help keep a roof over their heads and groceries in the fridge. Many options to fit your budget and give you and them comfort.


Plan Review and Investments


You've been working on your savings and think you are on the right track for retirement. We'll meet one time to see if this is the right service for you and if so, a review of your strategies and investments is done. We'll look for completeness and any concerns that may derail your plan.

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