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Something Different This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day seems to get more commercialized every year. But it doesn’t have to be! This year, why not try something different?

Here are some unique ideas adapted from Reader’s Digest that anyone – regardless of relationship status – might enjoy this February 14:

  • Write a love letter … to yourself or to your significant other.

  • Enjoy a spa night at home complete with a luxurious bubble bath and maybe some bubbly.

  • Host a virtual happy hour with friends – send out a specialty cocktail recipe beforehand so everyone can try something new together.

  • Go on an adventure – Hike a mountain. Visit a new place. Go skydiving.

  • Do a good deed – Take flowers and a box of candy to an elderly widowed person, cook a romantic dinner for your parents, or throw a Valentine’s Day party for your kids or your friends.

  • Learn something new – many businesses offer Valentine’s Day discounts on class packages, especially for activities like wine tasting, cooking, or painting.

  • Attend a live comedy show where you are sure to laugh about love.

  • Watch your favorite rom-com movie – be sure to have popcorn on hand.

  • Host a game night – ask everyone to bring a favorite game and a snack to share.

  • Do a social media detox – spend the time relaxing, reading, or doing something you love.

  • Get your heart pumping – try a run in the park or a yoga session to jumpstart your endorphins.

However you decide to celebrate, here’s to a memorable (and maybe different) Valentine’s Day this year!


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